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Creativity in Person

Jonathan Smith

Creative Director, Director of Photography
By profession, Jonathan is an epidemiologist at Yale University and working on his PhD in Epidemiology at Emory University. He learned filmmaking as a means to convey complex global health issues through storytelling, and has won various international awards, most recently by Nobel Peace Laureate Betty Williams.

Alan Smith

Creative Director, Producer, Editor
Alan has been producing and directing films since 2009. Most notably, the film he produced in Argentina, titled “Story of a Girl”, won the award for best short film in the South Texas International Film Festival. He is also a National Geographic-Featured photographer, which doesn’t hurt when it comes to knowing his way around a camera for photographs. Alan gives us the best of both worlds.

Justin Ray

Producer/Client Relations
Justin is a graduate of Georgia State University with a Bachelors in Film Studies. He’s worked in the film industry in Atlanta for over 4 years. He has been on the production team for the Hunger Games, Avengers, Jumanji, and Fast and Furious 8. Although he enjoys working on big box office movies, his passion lies in independent filmmaking. Justin always keeps a smile on his face and brings good vibes.

Jonathan Bryan

Audio Production/Engineering
Jonathan started his career at Turner Broadcasting (TBS) in production for television, film, and digital media. Since then, he has run a successful audiobook company, produced documentary films, commercials, and original music, while continuing sound design and audio as owner and director of Funky J Productions.

Paul Blom

Paul received his Masters (with Distinction) in English Literature from DePaul University in Chicago in 2010 and his BA in English Literature with a minor in Creative Writing from Birmingham-Southern College. Paul is a storytelling purist – and since storytelling is the beating heart of Creative Cabin, he makes sure we stay true to our core.

Mary Popplewell

Production Assistant

Mary graduated from Ball State University in 2012 with a  BA in Telecommunications Production and a minor in creative writing. After graduating she spent one year as a video editor for a small educational company before packing her cats and bags and moving to Atlanta, GA. Mary is a valuable asset to have on set, and she loves all aspects of filmmaking.

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What Does Working With Us Mean?

Quick Turn Around

When it comes to storytelling, we take our time to understand the complexity of each story. Once that’s done, we work crazy-quick, often going from filming to final product within a few days. This is our passion – so we edit, color, and score for days straight because we love it, not because its our job.

Innovative Ideas

We are never limited to one approach – instead, we love thinking outside the box. We come from a variety of different disciplines and perspectives, and brainstorming innovative ways to convey stories often results in an end product we never expected.

More than Technology

Anyone can purchase a high-end camera, but not everyone understands it. We have dedicated years to understanding the latest technology, from cameras to post-production software, in order to push our equipment to the limits. The result is incredible production value at a fraction of the size and cost.

Clear Communication

We don’t beat around the bush, and what we tell you is what we mean. We are a small company with personal service. We work around the clock and in constant communication to ensure our approach is clear, effective, and meaningful.

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