AERAS is a nonprofit looking to find a vaccine for the tuberculosis. Their advocacy campaign, #TBunmasked, aimed at highlighting the burden of TB among healthcare workers, was missing one key component: good stories.

Working in a short timeframe, Creative Cabin partnered with our non-profit arm Visual Epidemiology and traveled to southern Africa to shoot, produce, and edit a mini-series of 10 short vignettes on healthcare workers who have been affected by tuberculosis.

We knew we’d love working with AERAS as soon as they told us:

“The most important thing [for the project] is finding great stories.”

Kari Stoever

Vice president, External Affairs, AERAS

Stories, and counting

The Stories were raw and unaltered, showing the battle behind the scenes of those on the front lines.

We saw the power of the human spirit prevail through the determination of the patients we interviewed. Stories also allowed AERAS to propel their company’s mission and goal. They allowed viewers to see people behind the data in the tuberculosis epidemic, and create relatable bonds with the characters. By doing so, people felt more connected to a previously distant topic, and were more inclined to support AERAS’s work in tuberculosis.

Note: Because we are working with AERAS on a specific dissemination plan, the short films are not available at this time online. You may see the films and find out more at