United Way of Greater Atlanta’s mission is to engage all segments of our community to drive sustainable change in education, income, health and homelessness, while continuing to address urgent and basic human care.


United Way of Greater Atlanta launched “Silence the Growl,” a timely 30-day, $30,000 fundraising campaign to feed thousands of metro area children over the summer months. During the school year, these students receive a free or reduced lunches and meals, and for many, school meals are their only food options. If fully funded using the Uruut crowdsourcing platform, this campaign will provide 12,000 meals. A five-dollar donation provides two children with meals for a day; a generous $250 contribution will feed two children for the entire summer. This campaign should be funded in no time with the cost of impact being far less than most of us spend on one meal. Child hunger has negative bearings on behavior and mental and physical growth. Spread the word and donate today to silence the growl.

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